White Label Nutraceuticals

The Nutraceuticals market, loosely defined by the FDA as products intended to improve health, typically consists of things such as vitamin supplements, amino acids, proteins and a laundry list of others. Even 50 years ago this was hardly a market the everyday person had heard of, typically consisting of professional athletes and extreme gym lovers (also sometimes coined as the meat heads). Today that is not the case, though the average person may not fully understand what a nutraceutical is majority have taken even the basics such as a multi-vitamin and a very large number still add additional supplementations such as Omega-3s and L-glutamine to their diet.

Why Supplement with Nutraceuticals?

Why the difference in market you ask? Well a proverb from the countryside of France where you will regularly find buttery croissants and cheese for dessert explains it all: “Greedy eaters dig their graves with their teeth.” We are no longer a society that eats what we can when we can from our own farms and spend our days laboring for our work getting plenty of physical activity. We are now an extremely lazy society where children on average 32 hours a week watching t.v from ages 2 to 5 and still over 28 hours a week from 6 to 11, where families do not sit down and eat a home cooked meal every night but instead pick up fast food on the way home. We live in a society where working at a computer is far more common than physically intensive labor that will keep us moving and burning calories. This lazy society has caused us to eat nutrient lacking processed food couple with lack of activity causing high obesity and bad health rates.

What Is A Nutraceutical Product?

The best way of explaining nutraceuticals is through a quote from Hioppocrites where he said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” He was considered the father of medicine for good reason and he constantly encouraged people to choose food based more on their nutrients and ability to help our bodies the most. Nutraceuticals are designed to help these two worlds meet again. In our fast paced low activity world we can fill in those things lacking in our foods with these supplementations in order to achieve better health for ourselves and our families.

Why Use Us To White Label Your Nutraceuticals?

Vox Nutrition strives to bring you the best white label nutraceuticals by using only the best manufacturing facilities and top formulators in the market. This allows us to manufacture exceptional products and provide you with white label nutraceutical products at some of the best pricing on the market, the best time frames on the market and with the best customer service on the market. We strive to be more than just a nutraceutical manufacturer we strive to be your best partner in business.